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‘Because life with an invisible disability isn’t black or white’

Life for every single person isn't black and/or white, it is about compromise and living in the grey in so many ways.  Even more so for those who have to live with invisible disabilities: the person isn’t fully abled nor fully visibly disabled.  Others may not see the person’s disability, yet that person has to navigate their day -to -day around their unseen symptoms, and for many, the impact can be felt in all areas of their life.

Life with invisible disabilities is about compromise. All day, every day. It affects every single decision we have to make, even on the small things that fully abled and healthy people do not have to think about. Tasks such as dressing, brushing teeth or making a trip to the supermarket can take up all the energy one may have for the day. Somedays, even these seemingly simple chores are an impossible task for many living in the grey.

This is equally true for those facing temporary but equally disabling health limitations.

Founded in 2016, Living in the Grey (LITG) has been determined to make an impact.  LITG is about knowing that all it takes to change the world, whether it be for our own self or for many, is starting by taking just one step towards supporting, educating, informing and uniting.

The core values of LITG overall is to bring about positive change:

  • by creating a society where people understand how they can utilise the power of their body & mind to have a richer and more colourful living experience whilst living in the grey,

  • for those with invisible disabilities to be able to navigate the world and have a fuller experience of life; to thrive, not just survive. A society where those with invisible disabilities are understood, offered assistance when needed and to not have to explain themselves. Not to suffer, go without or be judged.



  • Running national social media campaigns to encourage public participation to raise awareness.

  • Using abstract storytelling such as this online exhibition, theatre performance, pop-up senses booths and VR experiences, to inform and engage the public, service providers and policy influencers and decision makers.

  • Using nature and the environment to connect and unite.

  • Consulting and facilitating roundtable discussions with organisations and charities to unite on creating a unified national invisible disabilities campaigns to educate the public, employers and service providers.

  • Working with charities policy and PR teams on strategy and stakeholder engagement to engage effectively with government and other decision making organisations to impact a positive policy change on the themes of:

    • creating a safe system for those with invisible disabilities who have symptoms that vary moment to moment, to be financially safe and supported into going back to work in a field and position that they find rewarding and fulfilling without the fear of poverty and homelessness; 

    • ensuring the right support services are there for those aged 18-65 who live alone and are without private support, those who fall through the gaps of social, therapeutic, OT and grant support to have a fuller, more meaningful living experience aside from their disabling and limiting symptoms. 

 LITG also collaborates with organisations in training staff and their members on inclusivity and resilience. Taking action in non linear and abstract ways to make positive change: LITG has designed an accessible co-working space to enable chronically sick and disabled creatives be less isolated with particular focus on the features being brain injury and neurodivergent friendly (something which she could not find existing in London - get in touch if you have empty building space); founded creative, fun and experiential ecotherapy sessions with nature in mind to give the public and in-hospital patients the chance to connect with themselves and their environment in positive ways and be left feeling better for it; consults businesses, graduate neuroscience and product design students on invisible disabilities and making products and offering more accessible and relevant; and collaborates with national charities on how to better focus their public relations to make a positive policy impact. LITG supports others with invisible disabilities by offering free meditation, ecotherapy and support groups and brings fun improvisation and ecotherapy sessions into the wider community, partnering with The Royal Parks London and in hospital settings - around the world and online.

Please do get in touch if you feel you have relevant experience and expertise that can propel the LITG campaign forward.

LITG is about progressive ideas, bold actions, and is built on a strong foundation of resilience and wisdom.

Contact me for speaking and writing commissions or to facilitate employer training sessions or other workshops 

"You are more, what is your more?" 

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