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I see being human akin to the soul (or energy, call it whatever makes sense to you, and if nothing does, please just go along for the ride) taking a gap year in human form, to experience the wonder of this planet and experience all that it is to be a human being: a life well felt and observed, no matter what.

For me, being human isn’t about the car I drive (or don’t) nor the house I own (or don’t), or the latest gadget in my hand nor the handbag draping from my shoulder. All these are great bonuses, additions to a life being lived fully in the richness of all that is to be human.

My soul has wandered far and wide in this human body and it has become very clear to me that it has an insatiable need for all types of human experiences. It has explored much laughter, discovered multitude grief, found itself connecting to the invisible and inanimate objects through long term isolation and exclusion, faced most extreme human traumas, loved freely, deeply and with wild abandon each person it has met along the way and felt the loss that comes from not being to actualise elements of self beyond human comprehension. It has wondered at the smell of a rose, exhaled with the setting sun each day and dreamt with the phases of the moon. It has fought with death several times over to continue its gap year as a human and has, many times over, felt the human frustration at the relentlessness of it all. It smiles with gratitude at hearing birdsong amongst the city's sirens (and that it lives in a body that hears!), laughs at the painful chills caused by the cold on dark winter mornings, shrugs in disbelief and anger at the neighbour who is drilling a wall at 10pm again, and feels the bliss of kissing slowly.


It has been excited at the things this human it embodies can create, takes joy as it experiences warming the hearts of strangers and takes action with the intention that all life, in all forms, from the cellalar and elemental to the ancestral and physical matter. It is curious, this soul of mine. Constantly wondering and marvelling as it wanders.

When the human me is facing difficulties, it is in remembering that this is my soul's gap year that relaxes my shoulders a little more and allows me to experience all of this wonder with awe and more humour...after all, these adventures and experiences come about only by being alive. 


My soul, it seems, has bought the full human adventure package: the jumping out-of-a-plane, white-water rafting, pole-trekking, kinda adventure. No sitting on the beach all day, being fanned and sipping mojitos for me!


If today was my last day on this gap year, I know that this soul had a most colourful time, filled with a multitude of human feelings and experiences and takes with it a wide range of memories, more than it could have imagined when it looked through the human gap year brochure and chose this human as its gap year. It knows that, ultimately, it truly got its money’s worth.

a gap year for the soul is about revealing my more during this gap year.

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