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meaning is meaningless

and the meaningless means so much

As a result of the brain inflammation, I found I couldn't read maps, comprehend directions, would find myself completely lost (and unaware of being lost for hours at a time) in familiar places and in my own neighbourhood. I found it difficult to execute every day tasks as my mind was blank on the steps needed to get between having the thought (A) and the final objective (Z). My body and abilities and hence identity became the unknown, unfamiliar, finding a way to become a apart of with my whole self.

I adapted pages of an A-Z (London road map) to represent these experiences.


I couldn't always read or recognise words and grasp their meaning.  I would sit staring at a book or dictionary on a daily basis for years, waiting for my brain to remember to recognise words and to be able to store their meaning.


I would, at times, use the wrong nouns - that made for interesting conversation! 

It's. Just. Words.

I am just running the baby, 
the shopping is in the tree,
what a cute bath,
let's go walk amongst the cars.

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