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a part of - connection


become friends with the moon

Wake yourself up when the moon faces your bedroom window, greet it with a wink and tell it a secret, what does it say?

walking on the sky

Location: a safe (from hazards) outdoor space.

Tool: a reflective (mirror) tile or a small mirror.



Standing still, hold the mirror in your hand at waist height, with the reflective part facing upwards. You should see the sky (and possibly tree tops if you're in a wooded area) reflected.

Focus your attention on the reflected sky image on your mirror, as well as having peripheral awareness of your surroundings.

Whilst looking at the reflected sky image, slowly start walking around on the 'sky'.

Explore. Note how it feels. What happens to your perception? What do you instinctively feel/think/want to do? What do you notice?

Please ensure you do this exercise in a safe environment - away from any chance of encountering moving vehicles, pedestrians and trip hazards.

Cherry Blossoms, Swiss Cottage, London, May 2022
Concrete Wall

the wall

Explore the wall next to you: how it feels (texture, temperature) against your face, finger tips and body; does it have its own smell, taste?; listen to its stories; tell it yours.

anonymous love letter

Write an anonymous love letter to a complete stranger, tell them they are doing great, that you value their existence, that they are cherished (and anything else that is kind and encouraging!). Address the envelope to

'For you, dear human, yes you!'

Suggestions: Leave it on an empty bus seat, post it through a random post box, or leave it in an empty shopping trolley.

Hand Writing

one syllable poem


Set your timer to go off in 60 seconds time.


Without thinking too much, think of a special place to you (go with the first place that comes to mind - don't try and change it or overthink it) and write a short poem using words which have one syllable, and with the last word at the end of each stanza having two syllables.

Here's one of mine, a special place to me in Greece:

Blue sea, sweet smells fill the air

of waves and hot nights, sand and feta

Blue sky, sun sets make eyes weep and

hearts melt

at waves and hot nights, sand and feta.

sitting in the kitchen sink

Imagine you are a drop of water... in your kitchen sink. Where have you come from? And the time before that? And before that? Are you a lone drop or a part of something more? What does it feel like to be a drop of water? Are you still or in movement? Attached to something ? What does this feel like against your watery form? What is the view like from the kitchen sink, from the perspective of a water drop? What is going on around you in your immediate environment ie are there other things in the sink with you? What about further afield: the room the sink is in? Who and what is there? How do you hear sound and what do you hear as a tiny drop of water?

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